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It all started in Brattleboro, Vermont in 1977. Seventeen local runners got together at the Brooks Memorial Library to discuss becoming a running club. Potential club names discussed included the Banana Belt Runners (hey, we do live in the South down here in Bratt) and the Red Clover Rovers. Vermont state pride won out (Red Clover is our state flower), and the Red Clover Rovers was formed.

Since then the group has had an ebb and flow of members and projects, and we've done lots and lots of running. Members and friends put on events, get out for trail work, volunteer at races, and check in with each other. It's pretty New England-y... grassroots, make-it-do, warm-hearted, ready for anything--including runs when it's below 0˚ F.

Please come to one of our events and say hi. We'd love to run with you!

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